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principles of design

Principles of Design

In this section you will find different articles and tutorials that explains and illustrate many of the main principles of design.



Freelancing is hard, but very satisfactory. in this section we give you the tools for thriving in freelance world.



In this section you will find different articles and tutorials that explains and illustrate many of the main principles of design.



Design Inspiration

We all long for that muse that inspires us to design, we hope to help you with this articles.

Latest Articles

Golden Ratio in Design
Design Basics

How to apply the Golden Ratio in Design The quickest way to apply the golden ratio in design is using the rule of thirds, dividing an area into equal thirds both vertically and horizontally, the intersection of the lines will provide a natural focal point for the shape. Photographers are

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Design BasicsTypography

What is readability? Reading any text shouldn’t require any extra effort from the reader beyond being able to actually read; words and sentences should be immediately comprehensible. Readability then is the ease with which a reader can understand a written text. The total sum of elements within a given piece of

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turn photo into line drawing

There are different ways to turn photo into line drawing but doesn’t look real, like someone draw it. This technique of line art uses different densities of crosshatching to simulate lighter and darker shades of gray to obtain that look and the result is great. Crosshatching is the drawing of

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Draw a Map

To Draw a Map in Illustrator appears to be very complicated but with this technique, it can be really simple to create. You only have to be careful to create the layers for each individual step. Creating your own maps is great because you can customize them according to your

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Design Proposal

A good Design proposal is always a way to show our customers that we are, as freelancers, professionals. It is also a tool to explain our customers; processes, design development and finally that professional design has a cost. It is our responsibility as designers to help the client understand the

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how to cut out hair in photoshop

In this tutorial, we will learn a powerful technique to how to cut out hair in photoshop creating advanced masking; Calculations. With this technique, you will be able to mask even the most complicated images like the hair of a model. For this tutorial, we will use an image with

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