This weekend I stumble with a great little blog: art of being women. I really liked it, but not because it was a women blog really, but because of the content.

In SEO we always say that content is King, well this blog has very good content.

It is clearly a blog for young women, but the articles are not what you would expect. 

The first article I read was about productivity from a Stoic point of view, really refreshing in a women blog. The second article was about how to read a wine label, really good information.

The blog has a good variety of themes, relationships, cooking, productivity, art finances, all the themes that you would expect to read in a women magazine, but the twist is that everything is written from a stoic point of view, really, really mature.

art of being a women

Their about page inspired me:

The Art of Being Women is a project that seeks to help young women find their way through life; celebrating femininity and recognizing the true struggles and the mastery involved in the art of being women.

We strongly believe that women do not need to have a stereotype of beauty to be pretty or a specific skill to be smart. And that is the goal of The Art of Being Women to teach women skills to make them better. Better daughters, better sisters, better entrepreneurs, better moms, better wives, better humans!

Mastery…good word.

As a man, I liked the articles and learned a couple of things.

The design of the blog in spite of using a WP theme, it shows that takes good care of the logos, the fonts, the colors. It is very clean and very pleasing for reading.

I recommend very much this blog, a definitive add in my reading list.

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A great blog with very good articles, really interesting. In spite of using a theme, really good colors, fonts and logos.
Great! 95%
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