In this Photoshop tutorial, we’re going to see how to create a Colorful light burst text effect with very simple techniques. We are going learn how to use the blend if section of the layer style options.

Step 1 Create new document

a) Create a new document with a Black background
b) Type in a White colors your text. Use a heavy font.

Step 2 create the backlight

a) In the layers palette click Command on the text layer thumbnail to create a selection.
b) Edit the border selection: Select > Modify > Border. We use a 35 pixels width

Image 52
c) Create a new layer
d) Select a White color and paint the new layer
e) Select the text layer and paint it Black color.
f) Raterize the text: Layer > rasterize > Type
g) Move the text layer above the backlight.

Imagen 54

Step 3 Create the Light strokes.

a) Select the backlight layer and set the blending mode to dissolve

Imagen 55
b) Create a new layer above it
c) Select the new layer and the backlight and in the layers palette apply merge layers.
d) Select Filter > Blur > Radial Blur
e) Apply a 100 amount. Locate the center where you want to place the principal lights.

Imagen 59
f) Distort the backlight making it a little Langer: Edit > Transform > Scale

Imagen 61
g) Create a new layer and paint it with a circular gradient from White to Black. Place the center exactly where you place the Blur center.

Imagen 63
h) Set the blending mode to screen

Imagen 65

Step 4 Create the reflection

a) Duplicate the text layer
b) Flip it: Edit > Transform Flip Vertical.
c) Move it so it’s base is place Below the Original text
d) Add a layer mask clicking the small icon in the layers palette
e) Paint the layer mask with a Linear Gradient from Black to White to dissolve the reflection. Set the transparency to 70%

Step 5 Create the Shadow

a) Duplicate again the text layer
b) Distort the layer for creating perspective: Edit > Transform > Perspective
c) Try to distort it so it has the same angle as the Light strokes

Imagen 72
d) Apply some Blur: Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur

Step 6 Fine Tune

a) Lets bring some Light strokes in front of the text. Double click on the text layer (not on the thumbnail or the name)
b) It will open the layer style options. In the blend if section in the bottom of the Dialog box: option + click in the White slider in underlying layer so it divide.
c) Move the divided slider to the Left so some stroke blend trough the text.

Imagen 74
d) Create a new layer above the background and below all layers.
e) Make a rectangular selection
f) Paint it with a dark blue color (this will create the illusion of horizon)

imagen 77-1
g) Create a new layer above all and paint it with a linear gradient red, blue and violet
h) Set the blending mode to soft Light.

Colorful light burst text effect

Ready, you can use this technique with different objects like cars or people.

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