In this tutorial we will see different techniques to create a Cool force field tutorial in photoshop, a beam of light and how to integrate all making an amazing image.

The techniques used are very simple, and the whole process is very fast.

In this tutorial we will see different techniques to create a force field, a beam of light and how to integrate all making an amazing image. The techniques used are very simple, and the whole process is very fast.

An important note: values used in the tutorial can vary based on the image you use. I am using an image 300Dpis

Cool force field tutorial in photoshop

1. Cut the model

2. Make a black background

3. Adjust the model curves

(image / adjustments / curves) to give more light to the face and a little more contrast

4. If our document is in a 300dpis resolution, will have to make a new document of 650 x 650 at 100dpis

5. In this new document create a new layer and a circular mask

6. We will create some clouds in this selection: filter / render / clouds

7. Now apply the liquify filter: filter / liquify

8. Adjust the settings: Brush Size 600, Brush Density 100, Brush Pressure 100, and selected the tool Bloated

9. Now apply the effect to the center of the circle three or four clicks to achieve the desired circular effect

10. We create a circular mask to remove the outside so we end with a perfect circle

11.Drag this layer to the original document and we grow to fit around the model. Name it force field

Set the style of this layer: hardlight  to 56%

12. Duplicate the layer, flip it around 45% and this time adjust it to pin light to 47%

13. Now add a background according to the image. In this case select a city at night. It is very important to check that light of the background coincide with the model illumination.

This image can be found in the

14. To give a bit of movement duplicate the model. At the bottom layer we apply motion blur at of 0 degrees to 42% intensity

15. In the second layer of the force field we apply outer glow with a size of 114 pixels and opacity of 35%. Also apply inner glow with opacity of 41% and a size of 210 pixels

16. Now a bit of lighting, create a new layer and paint it with a radial gradient. The lighter parts will be where we want more lighting and less illuminated the dark parts.

To create a more dramatic and warm illumination I am using a copper color.

17. Apply layer style to color dodge 30%

18. We now apply some distortion to the background seeing through the force field. We make a circular mask  of the exact size of the force field size and copy this portion of the background.

This layer must be just above the bottom layer and down the force field.

19. We apply filter / distort / zigzag with amount values 43, ridges 17

20. Create a new layer, put it above all. We fill it with a gradient. We specify the characteristics of the gradient (gradient editor):

Type of gradient noise

Roughness 100%

RGB color model

Restrict colors

Add transparency

21. We painted our layer using the gradient angle. The place to start is where we want the light beam to strike.

22. Apply layer style to color dodge 51%

Erase the more remote areas of the center, leaving only the central area .

23. For our last effect we need some Photoshop brushes to recreate the impact of lightning, we can download it in:

24. We apply a touch of these brushes in the area of impact of lightning. We will use different brushes of this set using color white for the impact zone, and oranges and yellows for the beam.

25. Finally to increase the brightness of the impact we make a new layer, we filled with a radial gradient, which has only a little white on the impact and the rest in black

26. Apply linear dodge styles add at 90%

Ready! Dragonball

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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