A good Design proposal is always a way to show our customers that we are, as freelancers, professionals. It is also a tool to explain our customers; processes, design development and finally that professional design has a cost.

It is our responsibility as designers to help the client understand the difference between professional design and one that is not, and also explain the creative process that leads a project. The customer does not have to know all this.

The following steps to write a professional design proposal can be adapted to multiple design projects: graphic, printed and digital. 

How to write a design proposal?

  1. Write an Introduction and presentation

  2. Write a Brief or Description of the project

  3. Describe the Project Features

  4. Specify the Project Delivery

  5. Add the Pricing, Values, and payment

  6. Describe project Conditions

  7. Add a Closing

  8. Add a section of Annexes


Part 1. Introduction and presentation.

Dear Mr. X

Company name


Thank you to consider our services to develop your_____________ that it will not only be versatile, attractive and with great quality, but becomes a true nexus of interaction with your customers.

In (name of your company) we evaluate each project in detail and propose the most appropriate solutions for your needs and goals.

The following quotation is a general proposal, if you have questions and comments please feel free to contact us, The ideas of our customers will enrich our work.

Part 2 Brief or Description of the project

In this part, we describe as clearly and with as few words as possible, exactly the project we are going to develop to erase any doubt in the client or us. This is an opportunity to clarify that we understand exactly what our client requires:


(example) Redesign of corporate brochure

  • This design will not use any elements of previous designs and brochures.
  • We seek a fresh design that reflects the new phase of this company, to supply both the current market for the company and the potential market.
  • It will be of great importance to highlight the new 40,000 meters of warehouses.

Part 3 Features

Here we describe exactly what we design, how many pages, what includes or excludes our design. This is also very important for the mental health of the client and ours

  • Corporate Brochure, 8 pages.
  • Includes retouching photographs supplied by the customer
  • The client will provide the texts
  • 5 proposals.

Part 4 Delivery

We briefly detail the time it will take the work development.

Draft 1:

3 proposals day / month / year

Draft 2:

Proposal selected with two applications of color day/month/ year

Photo retouching day/month/ year

Draft 3

Final concept for evaluation of corrections day / month / year

Brochure Final day / month / year

Estimated time x weeks

Part 5 Pricing, Values and payment

Once you clearly describe the project you can set the price.

It is very important to always specify the method of payment.

Project Total price $


50% upon signing of the contract and 50% upon delivery of the finished project.

Urgent Delivery

If you require an urgent delivery time will have a total price increase of 30%

Setting a price is always a delicate point, but I recall articles related to this:

How and how much to charge for Graphic Design

Part 6 Conditions

In this section, we specify special conditions. For example the delivery of materials by the client:

It is your responsibility delivery of materials (pictures or text) any delay in delivery of materials will delay the final delivery of the brochure.

Part 7 Close

Finally, we close the proposal:

We hope that this proposal meets your expectations and needs. If you have any questions and comments please feel free to contact us.




Contact email:


Javier Z. – Graphic


As appendices I recommend include examples of your work preferably with links that point to them.

You can also include a description of your office or agency, with a resume of your experience and your team

External resources:

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