This is a common task in client’s works. They give you their source image and you must “clean it”. This require of patience and analyzing the image you will work with. In this tutorial I will show you a very simple technique to do it using the content aware fill.

Step 1. Select your image using the lasso tool.

You really can use any selection tool for this, but the lasso tool is the fastest. Try to make the selection the closest to the subject and keep as most of the original background as you can.

select lasso tool

Step 2. Select the content aware tool

With your selection ready in the menu go to edit > fill  and we are going to select content aware from the dropdown.

Be sure you have color adaptation selected.

content aware fill

Step 3. Deselect

Press ok. Photoshop will make it’s magic, when it ends. press command D or Control D to deselect and like magic the object is removed.

content aware fill

How the content aware fill works?

The content aware technology works by analyzing the pixels that are surrounding the selection, and it uses that information to generate the pixels that are going to go inside of that selection.

So basically photoshop guesses what is behind the image. This works very well with simple backgrounds.

This method will not work for all images. You must analyze first your image for determine the best method. For example if you want to extract the object and use it with another background you can use the pen tool:

Create an amazing explosion

Other Methods:

How to remove the background of an image: Magic Wand

Remove the background of a complex image (extracting hair)

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