[tweetmeme]With this tutorial we start our series of quick tips or minitutorials. In this one we will learn to make a series of equal selections that will be evenly spaced. Lets get started.

Make your initial selection (rectangle) and press the letter Q for entering Quick Mask Mode

Make a selection around the rectangle in Quick Mask.

Press Command-T (PC: Alt-control-T) for free transform.

Drag the selection the distance you want (hold down shift key to keep it along the same pane) and press enter.

Then press shift-alt-command-T (PC:Shift-Alt_Control_T) to repeat transformation, as many times you like. It is very important that you press these four keys for working.

Each rectangle will be spaced evenly. Press again Q to return to standard mode.

Now we create a new layer, inverse the selection and paint it White.

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