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[tweetmeme]This idea may sound simplistic but it’s really the most difficult step when we start as a freelancer or a business.

Years ago I was working for a company as Sales Manager.

I had long wanted to start my own business but always had an excuse: I have no time, I have no money, I need better equipment, etc, etc. In addition to this I had a very good relationship with the CEO and I felt very safe.

A good day the shareholders decided to change the CEO and replaced him with a person that from the first day I had no chemistry to work (it was mutual). We had so many differences that one day my best friend had to stop me because I was going to his office to beat him (and I’m being literal)

That was the spark that started it all, the day after I resign and started my design business. My friends were horrified, what did you do? how are you going to eat? Just delivered your daughter, what you’re going to do? And a thousand more questions based on insecurity.

I was so upset that I didn’t care, I put my office in a warehouse in my garden, I ask borrowed to a family member to upgrade my basic equipment: computer, scanner, printer and then…..

Just started.

I talked to friends and relatives to let them know my new status and offer my services.

The first months were really difficult until I had a great opportunity to design and edit a magazine.

The moral is that if I had not upset with the new director I maybe would continue in that comfort zone and never started my business. It was the courage the sparkle that started the engine.

The difference between a great idea and successful idea is to start it.

We will always have an excuse to get started:

  • Improving the product
  • Improving our blog or website
  • Save for working capital
  • Improving our portfolio to upload
  • Wait out the crisis for more stable times

But the truth is that the perfect time never comes. If you have an idea, a product, a blog or a service the time is now.

With this I’m not saying throw it all away and give up your job tomorrow, but you have to start fighting for your dream.

You have to find the spark that starts the process to make that first step.

Today is a step, tomorrow two, the day after tomorrow three and so. All marathons begin with a single step.

So it is very simple and at the same time very difficult. If you have a great idea, service or a dream:

Start now.

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