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In movies the best special effects are the ones you can’t detect, in photomontage applies the same. How many times we look at a montage and instinctively we detect there is something wrong; the subject clearly looks superimposed. There is a very simple rule that applies in every image and it

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Design Basics

The ability to create and evaluate effective figure ground tension is an essential skill for graphic designers. Also known as positive and negative space is at work in all facets of graphic design. First we have to understand how we perceive the form. Three-dimensional or two-dimensional objects posses a shape

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[tweetmeme]In this tutorial we will learn a number of techniques to help you add drama to a photo manipulation: Creating meteors, mixing three diferent images to create an apocalyptic background, Modify a central character so it adjust to the composition as well as how to add some adjustment layers to

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